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At Barloworld Equipment, we believe that value is added through our people and that the people who work for us are globally competitive, diverse, empowered and passionate!

We strive to continuously develop our employees and are recognised as an industry leader in skills development at all levels.


Our people

Yellow Blood

Barloworld Equipment is fortunate to be partnered with a world leading brand in Caterpillar, but we know that it takes more than simply selling a product to be successful - we have to add value to that product!

How do we add value? Only through our people!

Barloworld Equipment employees add value by:

  • Forming long term customer relationships with customers and principals;
  • Advising customers on the best solutions for the business;
  • Training customers on correct application and operation of their fleets and machines;
  • Servicing those machines so they remain productive;
  • Ensuring all our dealings with our customers – whether they be sales or after sales, financial, warranty, etc – are professional and reflect our company values.

It is this attitude, this commitment, this passion, that sets Barloworld Equipment people apart.

The passion our people display for our brand is unmistakable, and that is why we say that Barloworld Equipment people have Yellow Blood.

Surviving and thriving (people living the Barloworld Equipment eight values)

Our Leaders at Barloworld Equipment are committed to recognising and rewarding value added performance. To acknowledge the star performers in our business, the Smart Partner programme was created.

The Smart Partner programme is an annual award programme which recognises those employees in the business who go the extra mile and display Barloworld Equipment's eight values.

Abraham Motau Abraham Motau: Parts marketing Isando
Abraham's high level of integrity came to the fore when he spotted an attempt to purchase parts using a fraudulent customer purchase order. He noticed that the collection was being done by a courier which was not the normal collection process for that specific customer. Abraham's quick thinking and immediate intervention saved the company not only the considerable cost of that one-off transaction but future similar fraudulent activities which could have severely affect Barloworld Equipment and our customers.
Adrian Elwe Adrian Elwen: Parts training manager, Parts Department
Adrian rejoined the parts department in October 2010 and has since developed training programmes for three critical areas, with tremendous success. Supervisor training – Adrian analysed existing competencies and identified courses to address shortcomings. He goes the extra mile by reviewing Development Action Plans (DAPs) and auditing employee performance. Inventory training – Adrian worked with external consultants to develop unit standard based learning material for this critical function and has launched an English bridging course for our Portuguese speaking territories to facilitate the learning. Parts sales person – The highlight of the year was the accreditation of the parts sales programme with MERSETA. This learnership gives our parts sales people the technical and sales skills to deal with customers.
Ali Jasat 6 Sigma deployment leader, South Africa
Ali has excelled in his first year as a Master Black Belt. He demands high standards and puts in hours of painstaking coaching with each of his Black and Green Belts. He ensures that our 6 Sigma projects always add value to the company and his commitment to Continuous Improvement is exceptional and contagious. He has been the key driver of the CI Competition and his passion, enthusiasm, excitement and energy have spread to the entire team. Ali's representation of Barloworld Equipment at the recent Deployment Champion Conference in the UK won great praise from Caterpillar and other dealers. He promotes an environment of integrity, team work, support, confidence and effective
Annelie van Greunen: Parts commercial manager, After Sales
Annelie voluntarily committed herself to ensuring the proper management of our key Equipment Management Partnership customers and updating the master data for those customers to guarantee proper reports from SAP. In a strategic initiative involving some major pricing changes, Annelie led her team in engaging closely with top customers and played a vital role in driving the project and ensuring that system changes were achieved on time. As a result, the price change was completed effectively on 1 April, with no major problems.
Attie Botha:Developer, service support, technical training
On the opening of our new Technical Academy, one of our objectives was to obtain Caterpillar certification. Attie took up the role of training developer, preparing and approving a training policy in record time. Thanks to Attie we obtained Caterpillar certification on our first attempt and became a 5 star training centre. Attie also compiled the NQF4 course material that has made us the first Cat dealer to offer NQF4 training for earthmoving equipment mechanics. He is now rewriting level 2 and 3 training material to improve the quality of training and practical ability of our learners and has also streamlined the assessment process to make it quicker.
Augusto Carvalho Warranty co-ordinator, Service Department, Angola
While training as a warranty technician, Augusto recognised the importance of completing Caterpillar's Product Improvement Programme (PIP). Of his own accord he started to approach customers to discuss PIP, using his own car to visit sites and locate machines. He felt it necessary to identify sites so artisans performing the PIP process knew where to go and what to expect. By November 2010, Angola had reached the completion rate target, positively impacting our parts credit from Caterpillar. On the warranty side, PIP is also playing a major role in meeting our overhaul targets.
Benjamin Chishimba Artisan, Mopani Copper Mines (MCM), Zambia
In the four years Benjamin has been with Barloworld in Zambia, he has become a leading artisan for one of our major key accounts. Benjamin has been commended by the client for setting the standard in work ethic and always encouraging his team to get the job done right the first time and in the shortest possible time to minimise downtime. Barloworld Equipment marketing director Shane Fitzpatrick was so impressed with Ben that, following a customer visit underground, he recognised his tireless service and constant availability to the customer, day and night. If every Barloworld employee on a Mopani site added the same amount of value as Ben, who knows what the possibilities could be.
Brian Balopi: Sales Botswana
A long term customer relationship was uppermost in Brian's mind when one of Botswana's biggest construction customers cancelled an order for a new 336D because of the long lead time. Brian, one of our top salesmen, solved the problem by convincing the customer to buy a used 330D which will perform the same job as a new 336D. This proved a win-win solution for both the customer and Barloworld Equipment. We did not lose the sale to the competition and retained a happy customer.
Buks Stapelberg Buks Stapelberg: Depot manager, Tete, Mozambique
Buks was in charge of the delivery of 72 machines in eight months, a target that everybody thought was impossible. Yet the team assembled the 72 machines and started the delivery per month ahead of schedule. In the absence of a workshop, assembly took place outdoors in conditions alternating from hot and dusty to rainy and muddy. Numerous non-OEM options had to be added to the machines, further complicating the task. Buks demonstrated excellent leadership in managing his often understaffed team to successfully complete the job.
Charl le Roux Charl le Roux Business process manager, SAP Isando
In 2010 the SAP team identified a high school in Thembisa that did not have a library. Charl was asked to lead this corporate social investment project and did excellent work, making many personal sacrifices along the way. Charl obtained funding, bought materials, designed shelving and headed a SAP team in building (at his own home) and erecting 170m² of shelving. He went on to source more than 5 000 books through Rotary SA and by approaching municipal libraries. Not only did the project contribute to the community but it was an excellent team building event for the SAP team.
Charles Marais Charles Marais: Senior operator, CRC Drive Train assembly
Over several years Charles has worked tirelessly to improve his knowledge and skills, rotating through the machine shop, drive train stripping area, testing, assembly and quality control, proving that anything can be mastered through passion and willingness to learn. Charles is rated the most semi-skilled component assembler in the drive train team, despite not being qualified as a mechanic. He was nominated four times as employee of the month in 2011 and is currently the third most productive employee in CRC Drive Train, with no service warranties against his name for this financial year.
Clifford Zulu Clifford Zulu: Warehouse and logistics manager, Parts Zambia
Since the inception of SAP in Zambia in June last year, Clifford has been the driving force behind the comprehensive training of no less than 17 of our parts employees in the SAP system. He was in constant contact with the SAP team in South Africa to set up proper roles and training for his colleagues and was happy to work a lot of overtime to ensure their thorough understanding of the SAP principles. Clifford also ensures a safe working environment in all our Zambian warehouses and plays a major role in the smooth handling of import/export red tape.
Cobus Buys Cobus Buys: Project manager, JDC Antares project, SAP
When Caterpillar's Johannesburg Distribution Centre (JDC) warehouse moved from its home grown IT systems onto the Caterpillar controlled ANTARES system recently, the changeover impacted heavily on Barloworld Equipment's SAP system and our parts and service ordering processes. Cobus and his team avoided potential glitches and implemented many innovative solutions to ensure that we were ready when Cat made the switchover. It took Cobus and his team many late hours to ensure the success of this complex project.
Costas Scordis Costas Scordis: Sales and rental manager, Malawi
After a number of successful years as parts manager, Costas moved to sales where he combined his great relationship skills with technical knowledge through the DLMS programme. Costas and his small team of salesmen have regularly obtained PINS in excess of 80% and Malawi currently has retail PINS of 89%. The rental business has almost doubled since 2008, with financial utilisation for the fleet a very sound 48%. Under his direction we also sold our first three Metso units this year. Costas is an excellent team player, assisting managers with their budget planning and continuing to work closely with the parts and service teams to ensure that new and rental machines achieve peak availability for customers. Many customers use him as their single point of contact.
Danie Potgieter Danie Potgieter: Service/after sales manager, Limpopo
Danie Potgieter has consistently delivered outputs beyond all requirements, both in his current position as well as outside, for example when he was temporarily deployed to Venetia MARC site as the acting account manager for six months from August 2010 to January 2011 prior to Christo Lotz taking over. Danie's presence on site proved extremely valuable in keeping the team focused on the huge task at hand and obtaining the required buy-in from the customer. His leadership of the team at Venetia, whilst also driving the execution of the improvement action plans on the site, set the stage for the turnaround strategies that have been actioned at Venetia from 2011. At the same time Danie retained focus on his own job as service and after sales manager in Polokwane.
Dave van Eck Dave van Eck Risk officer, KwaZulu-Natal
Dave has implemented several measures to reduce water and electricity consumption at the Durban and Richards Bay facilities. We have achieved savings of 14% in water and 18% in electricity in the past year and a significant reduction in expense to the company. His efforts have included installing switches and timers, taking daily readings to monitor usage and communicating with the team continuously, testament to his commitment to achieving our sustainability goals.
Dawie Nel Dawie Nel: Financial manager, Isando
From Dawie's first year-end in 2009, just three months after joining Barloworld Equipment, there was a marked improvement in reporting processes and final tax and audit products. Dawie developed a tax proof template that made the balancing and explaining of deferred tax items quicker and easier, with a direct impact on audit fees and time constraints at year-end. Through his attention to detail in the audit pack, Dawie has built a solid relationship with the auditors, resulting in quicker audits and lower fees. He has also effected continuous improvement in day-to-day issues such as payroll reconciliation and sign-off, the implementation of EFT in payroll department, and timesaving templates in month end reporting.
Dean Leathern Dean Leathern: 6 Sigma, After sales Isando
Dean has made a major contribution by producing programmes to simplify and speed up the dissemination of information and stats in after sales functions. He identified the need for accurate and immediate customer turnover information per BEC type and developed a user friendly, simple and accurate database using Microsoft Access that is now being used by all managers and CSRs. Dean has also drawn up a system monitoring programme on undercarriage forecasting which is a major step forward for all CSRs in monthly forecasting and has considerably reduced their workload.
Eben Katjavivi Eben Katjavivi: Supervisor, Pocket Beaches, Namibia
Eben is the site supervisor on one of our most remote sites in the Namib desert, where the climate changes hourly from storm winds blowing off the Atlantic ocean to over 40°c heat. Living in mobile accommodation on site, the team has to contend with the impact of desert sand, wind and corrosion on the fleet, including five 3412 gensets that are the prime power supply to the process plant. Thanks to the excellent reliability of the Cat fleet and the power plant achieved by Eben and his team, as well as an excellent safety record, Barloworld has been recognised by client Namdeb as a real "smart partner" that consistently exceeds expectations for the fleet in extreme conditions.
Riaan Jacobs Riaan Jacobs (top) and Eben van der Walt: General mechanics, CRC Engines
Riaan and Eben run the Dyno in CRC Engines. They are the final control in the engine building process to ensure that a high quality product leaves the facility bound for the customer, testing between 25 and 36 engines per month. Eben has also taken responsibility for all the ECM downloads of the engines that we receive at CRC, a function that was previously outsourced. These two artisans are self driven, assisting in the workshop to build engines when there is no testing to be done, always available on short notice to help out wherever they can. Their dedication is evident in their productivity rates for the 2011 financial year, Eben at 89.7% and Riaan at 88%.
Edwill Bryant Edwill Bryant: Trainee functional analyst MM – Shared Services (SAP)
During the Mozambique SAP roll-out, the Vale and Tete sites experienced problems with parts storage as well as missing parts and Edwill was sent to help the site teams restore order. He stayed on an extra week to sort out logistical issues and problems with the merging on site and ensured that the essential processes and procedures were working smoothly and efficiently – an excellent example of winning through teamwork and uncompromising service to internal customers.
Eunice Dhlamini Eunice Dhlamini: Senior accounts clerk, Isando
Eunice's main responsibility was Swaziland until January 2011 when she was asked to join the team looking after Shared Services Lesotho to help resolve reporting problems there (amongst other company responsibilities). There was an immediate improvement. The task required a disciplined person with the end goal in mind, and Eunice worked after hours and on weekends to achieve the improvement required. This focus and commitment resulted in us achieving our year-end target by 30 June 2011.
Felicity Mosololi Felicity Mosololi: Senior process designer CS, Shared Services (SAP)
Felicity came to the rescue during the Mozambique SAP 'go-live' support period when there were major problems at the key Vale and Tete sites. Due to logistical constraints the users were battling to understand and execute the system and, when solving the problems needed more time, Felicity voluntarily cancelled personal commitments and stayed on an extra week to see the job through to completion. She showed her passion for the brand by putting the company's interests ahead of her own and did an outstanding job in ensuring that uncompromising customer service was maintained.
Francisco Serra Francisco Serra: Operator trainer, Angola
A key member of the team responsible for the outstanding success of our Angolan customer open day, Francisco ticks every box on the values list. Francisco inspired and led his team with tireless enthusiasm prior to and during the event. His obvious passion for the brand earned him accolades from both colleagues and customers who were full of praise for a job superbly done. The success of the event was the direct result of Francisco's outstanding professionalism and communication with other operator trainers and the sales team throughout the project.
Franklin Petrus Franklin Petrus Rental operator team leader and trainer, Cape Region
In a nine month period last year Franklin trained and certified (PNQFL2) 88 external operators from nine different companies (over a period of 64 days), re-evaluated 30 Barloworld Equipment Cape Region rental operators (66 days) and put 15 Bellville artisans through SSDP. Two new BHL and two final level grader operators were also trained and certified during this time. In addition, Franklin evaluated and trained 30 operators at Baken mine in the Northern Cape for Transhex during the last two weeks of December. Franklin's efforts in securing "training revenue work" and his passion for sharing his knowledge add great value to our skills development efforts.
Gary Norton Gary Norton: Product support manager, Contract mining Isando
Uncompromising customer service produces great results, as Gary has proved in a very depressed market. Demonstrating a high level of customer understanding and support, he and his team resolved recent product problems with solutions that met customer expectations and at the same time achieved exceptional financial performance. Gary has created long term relationships with his customers based on trust and confidence.
Gordon Bussicott Gordon Bussicott: SAP implementation manager
Since 2002 Gordon has led the SAP project team in successfully rolling out seven challenging major projects. The professional behaviour of the SAP team in interacting with various business units, often under severe pressure, is one of the core skills Gordon has instilled in the team. Gordon's uncompromising customer service is evident in various "mini" projects to improve our competitiveness such as menu based pricing, the JDC transformation project and our reporting for business dashboard. The alignment of four POP teams under his leadership and his focus on skills development and balanced scorecards have improved teamwork and performance and reduced cost, while his commitment to community projects has resulted in the SAP team's involvement in seven community projects each year.
Grethe Scott Grethe Scott: Financial systems accountant, Africa
Despite the pressures of her day-to-day job and the significant responsibility of being in charge of the current MPC alignment project, Grethe enthusiastically stepped in to assist when a group finance team member resigned unexpectedly. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment in assisting the team in meeting its interim reporting deliverables, preparing material for the auditors' review and communicating with the external auditors and the business unit financial managers.
Hein Els Hein Els Service development engineer, Service Isando
As part of the service excellence programme launched at the beginning of 2010, five of our service departments in South Africa – Middelburg, Isando, Bloemfontein, CRC Engines and CRC Drivetrain – were identified to achieve at least a 3-star contamination control rating. Hein conducted audits, formulated action plans with the contamination control champions, and then had the unenviable task of persuading the operations to drive the required actions and meet deadlines. This was a tremendous effort considering Hein had no direct authority over any individuals in the region. Due to his passion, persuasion and perseverance, six operations qualified with at least 3-star ratings and Barloworld Equipment achieved a bronze level rating from Caterpillar.
Helen Wilson Helen Wilson: Project facilitator, Leadership Development Centre
Hot on the heels of her accomplishments with DLMS, Helen's passion, drive and professionalism, as well as her understanding of "Generation X", are at the heart of the success of the first intake of interns in our new Sales Academy. Add to this great attention to detail in terms of the candidate selection process and the course content. The Sales Academy is one of the solutions that has come out of many months of patient and tireless efforts in assisting the sales teams to provide a mechanism to help them manage performance and training. She exhibited strong project management skills in facilitating a high level of co-operation between Barloworld Equipment sales teams, Caterpillar and external service providers.
Hendrik Loots Hendrik Loots: Operations manager, EMMG/MARC
Hendrik has served Barloworld Equipment for the last 33 years with dedication and distinction, conducting himself in a quiet and professional manner, not seeking accolades for his efforts but rather letting the team shine. He enjoys the respect of customers, peers and employees alike as an expert in equipment management. In January Hendrik was seriously injured in an accident at home and hospitalised for 10 days. Within two weeks of returning home, he had set up a home office. Unable to sit due to a broken pelvis, he had his managers meet with him at home to ensure that he stayed on top of what was going on. The best compliment we can pay Hendrik is to share his passion for "doing it right" and collectively strive for operational excellence.
Irma Snyman Irma Snyman: HR officer, Kuruman
Kuruman region has required many additional employees in the past financial year in a climate where the skills needed are extremely hard to attract, let alone retain. Through strategic thinking, effective communication and planning, Irma managed the successful appointment of 74 people at all levels between October 2010 and May 2011. The drive and passion she has demonstrated is an example to all. Recognising the importance of POP meetings and Development Action Plans (DAPs) to a sustainable workforce, Irma gives these functions her constant and dedicated support.
Izel Rost Izel Rost: OPM
Financial and stock problems over the last two years have made Barloworld Power a difficult area to support from a human resources point of view. Izel Rost took on the full function virtually single-handedly. She tracks monthly POP meetings per team and has launched a communication programme and newsletter. Focus on performance management resulted in several dismissals, each requiring many emotionally draining hours of work. The use of employment agencies was discontinued to save cost and Izel filled 22 critical positions on her own, maintaining BEE score levels. Thanks to her efforts, Power is the only company that has Development Action Plans (DAPs) for every employee. She has also spent much time on the turnaround plan, specifically getting the right people into critical positions and identifying key resources that can be better utilised in the business.
Jack Zimba Jack Zimba: Maintenance mechanic, Malawi
The Service Department strives to provide 24/7 service to both internal and external customers. Therefore we need team members like Jack who regularly live our value of Uncompromising Customer Service. He was recently called out on a Saturday to work on a generator at Eastern Produce, one of Malawi's major tea producers. Realising the potential disaster to the customer of having no power, he worked late to ensure the problem was sorted out fast. Jack is always available, responds quickly and works willingly with pride. Eastern Produce has embarked on a programme of converting its standby power to Cat and this level of support will help ensure that this continues.
Jackie Kriel Jackie Kriel Sales consultant, Cat Rental Isando
Jackie started working with customer B&S Materials Handling 18 months ago. Today B&S is one of Rental's top 10 customers, renting a number of load and haul combinations and support plant for coal mining in Piet Retief. Through the relationship she developed with the customer, Jackie converted a rental fleet of articulated trucks into a sale, overcoming stiff competition by giving B&S conclusive proof of the additional value that Barloworld Equipment and Cat can offer. She also arranged internal financing for the deal and negotiated a customer service agreement (CSA). Jackie has shown how successful our RUN (Rental Used New) model can be.
Jacob Ditlhabano Jacob Ditlhabano: Boilermaker, Service Botswana
Jacob fabricated parts for two machines at a customer site as part of his commitment to uncompromising customer service. He worked tirelessly and efficiently without assistance and the superb quality of his work earned high praise from the customer. Jacob not only contributed to a long term customer relationship, he also significantly minimised costs for both the customer and Barloworld Equipment through his outstanding professionalism.
Jan du Plessis Jan du Plessis Business process manager, SAP Isando
In early 2010 it was decided to implement EWM, a SAP warehouse management solution for spare parts distribution. Jan was appointed to project manage the extremely complex implementation, the first in South Africa and among the first worldwide, at our Isando and Anvil Road warehouses. He ran the project extremely well, often working through the night to ensure that every aspect was tested and deadlines met. Once EWM was live, Jan spent many weeks helping staff to come to grips with the new system. His commitment to our internal customers, both parts and service, and our external customers was clearly evident. Jan has successfully brought people and technology together to create a winning solution.
Jan Mkhatshwa Jan Mkhatshwa: Technical controller, Rental
Jan is responsible for resolving breakdowns and damage to rental machines working on customer sites in Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga provinces. Early this year, Peter Wellsted, the controller responsible for the workshop, was away from work for almost three months due to illness. Without being asked, Jan took up the additional workshop responsibility of receiving new machines, processing rental roll outs, handling field calls and following up with the service department. The financial results of the Cat Rental Store in respect of rental and rental roll out turnover, costs and profit speak for themselves.
John Mosweu John Mosweu: Stores manager, Parts Department, Botswana
An administrative error in an export declaration led to SARS imposing a hefty fine on Barloworld Equipment Botswana. Driven by loyalty and commitment to Barloworld Equipment and his team, John used all his experience, patience and negotiating skills to persuade SARS to cancel the forfeiture charge and replace it with a much smaller penalty. What had seemed to be a futile rescue mission was resolved by John's determination, professionalism and integrity in managing our relationship with a key stakeholder.
Kolosa Mbuyene Kolosa Mbuyene: Costing/service advisor, Goedgevonden (GGV) MARC site, Middelburg
Kolosa has made a significant impact on GGV's WIP throughout the 2011 financial year. Her efforts are reflected as follows: 0 to 30 days – WIP has grown by 34%; 30 to 60 days – WIP has reduced by 20%; 60 to 90 days – WIP has grown by 9%; 90 days and up – WIP has reduced by 23%. Kolosa's charisma, enthusiasm and constructive approach to service delivery have had a positive impact on her team as well as suppliers and have been noted by the customer, Xstrata, in management meetings. A customer commented that "she creates a climate that puts Barloworld at another level of service delivery".
Liesl Diesel Liesl Diesel: Group leadership development manager
Liesl was nominated by her team in recognition of great achievements in skills development since she joined the department. The list is impressive, including lifting a Skills Development score of 7.65 in 2009 to a magnificent 12.04 in 2010. Liesl's leadership and support for individual team members also resulted in the number of employees on the Adult Education and Training programme tripling in 2010. She also responded to a need for more interns by completing an unbelievable 35 interviews in one day, resulting in five interns and two graduates joining the company early this year.
Loraine Truter Loraine Truter: Inventory controller, Parts Department Namibia
Loraine has managed to record the highest parts SLA score in the company – an average of 82 percent. But that's not all. Barloworld Equipment Namibia was without a parts manager for the first six months of the current financial year and Loraine stepped in "boots and all" to carry many of the functions of that position. Her enthusiasm, perseverance and initiative in making vital day-to-day decisions has ensured continuing customer satisfaction in parts supply and clearly shows her passion for the brand.
Mannie Teixeira Mannie Teixeira: Senior applications engineer, Power, Angola
During construction of the flagship Torres Atlántico project in Luanda, Mannie worked for 11 months without leave, an average of 14 hours a day, six days a week, to avoid delays on the project. He implemented two eight hours shifts, hired and trained the teams on the job, paid special attention to safety, and managed both shifts single-handedly. In fact the total technically challenging project was awarded to Barloworld on the understanding that Mannie would manage the site. On another high profile and complex project, Torres Ambiente, shifts were needed to install equipment and offload materials due to space constraints. Many hours of dedication and self sacrifice to come up with solutions ensured client satisfaction.
Mario Junior Mario Junior Shift mechanic, Moatize MARC site, Mozambique
Mario is a young Mozambican citizen who shows initiative and gets things done on a site where facilities and infrastructure are still limited. He works hard to get to know all machines in the fleet and when he attends to a machine problem, often works well past his shift to complete a repair and get the machine running again fast. He also keeps the customer constantly up to date with the progress of machine repairs. Mario has real passion for Barloworld Equipment and for Caterpillar and his managers expect him to develop into a leader in our business.
Mark Kruger Mark Kruger: Operations manager, Mozambique
Mark led the company through its SAP implementation in a record time of four months in the face of huge challenges. Most of the employees were new to the company and under skilled, there were numerous vacant positions, office space was very limited, and vast amounts of information had to be captured in SAP. On top of this, the Moatize and Riversdale projects were starting up. Mark proved to be a great leader in the transition to SAP and we successfully went live on 1 February 2011.
Mbali Tshitenge Mbali Tshitenge: Competitive and strategy officer
Mbali Tshitenge joined Barloworld Equipment earlier this year and was immediately given the daunting task of researching and preparing a presentation which would outline the value proposition of setting up a joint venture comprising Barloworld Equipment and the target company. She had little guidance and a very tight deadline but she succeeded beyond expectation. Her presentation was considered and approved by management and thereafter presented to the potential joint venture partner for consideration. They accepted the value proposition and negotiations have commenced on setting up a joint venture company. What started out as a 'long shot' has become a very real possibility based on the compelling presentation put together by Mbali and Barloworld Equipment is in a great position to expand our engines offering and grow into a new line of business altogether – she is indeed a Smart Partner.
Michael Visser Michael Visser: Project manager, BHP Hotazel
Michael Visser has been the project manager for our Wessels and Mamatwan MARC sites since 2008. He has earned the support, trust and respect not only of his employees but also of the customer. Michael's motto is "Safety first and the rest will follow". This reflects in the safety achievements on both sites where audit scores exceed both the mine and Barloworld standards. Michael practices what he preaches, which is evident in his team's actions. Current safety stats (at time of writing) are 1 817 lost time injury free days at Mamatwan and 1 359 at Wessels – a record for MARC sites at Barloworld Equipment and also for BHP Billiton. These sites have received several safety and contamination control awards and the customer approaches Michael and his team for opinions on various maintenance issues.
Mick Jeffery Mick Jeffery Parts manager, Middelburg
Since Mick's move from Isando to Middelburg in July 2010, the parts department has transformed. Mick has masterminded major improvements to the receiving area, the customer collection area and the bulk floor bins, as well as revolutionising housekeeping in the parts warehouse. The result is better parts availability and increased customer satisfaction. Mick always goes the extra mile to ensure that customers get what they want at the right place and on time and follows up regularly with suppliers and customers. His excellent leadership has resulted in a complete change of attitude in the parts department.
Neil Olwage Neil Olwage Operations manager, Congo Equipment, Democratic Republic of Congo
Neil has been financial manager of our Congo Equipment joint venture in the DRC since 1 May 2007 and was recently promoted to operations manager. Neil played a major role in establishing systems and controls, developing relationships and recruiting staff for the JV and has skillfully managed the finances of the business in a very challenging environment, maintaining our high standards of governance and discipline. Neil's dedication and determination have been key to the growth of the joint venture into a successful, profitable operation. He has also played a leading role in integrating a diverse expatriate team drawn from numerous backgrounds and cultures.
Noluvo (Vovo) Ngcwabe Noluvo (Vovo) Ngcwabe: Senior HR manager, Africa
Noluvo, or 'Vovo' as she is known, joined Barloworld Equipment in September 2010 and has already shown her dedication and professionalism by successfully filling, in just three months, 60 percent of the 120 vacancies resulting from our rapid growth in Mozambique. The expatriate recruitment involved is a complex and stressful exercise, which Vovo has handled with composure, at the same time resolving some complicated DRC expatriate pay issues involving package conversions, increases and incentives.
Paul Pieters Paul Pieters: Planner, CRC Drivetrain, Boksburg
The drivetrain component repair centre (CRC) in Boksburg was experiencing severe problems with WIP, in particular the warranty portions which are tedious to manage. Service warranty incidents were also on the increase. A significant improvement occurred when Paul moved in with his team of technicians in January this year. There was a dramatic WIP out drive and Paul has continued to be proactive in getting feedback from workshop supervisors and ensuring that the CRC drivetrain team stays effectively on top of the situation.
Paul Sethusa Paul Sethusa Project facilitator, Leadership Development Centre, Sandton
In 2009 and 2010 Paul has given wings to our vital AET (Adult Education and Training) programme. Through great internal and external relationship building, Paul is helping many employees to help themselves by acquiring basic literacy and numeracy skills with AET. His quiet but determined efforts have resulted in rapidly increasing numbers of employees enrolling in the programme to improve their value to the company. Dominic Sewela, our CEO for South Africa, commented in a letter to Paul that "The passion you exude for training and development of our employees is very commendable".
Pedro Seteco Pedro Seteco: Customer liaison, Parts, Angola
Pedro joined Barloworld Equipment in 2009 and from the first day has been committed to assisting customers and colleagues alike and providing the best solutions. Pedro has developed strong relationships with key mining and construction customers through effective communication, with good business results for the company. He has also assisted the Parts Department in overcoming many day-to-day issues related to service support in order to provide customers with optimum service. He works hard at developing his skills and the skills of his colleagues, particularly new entrants into the department, is a real team player and is always open to new challenges.
Pravesh Kaylan Pravesh Kaylan: Senior project manager
Severe unplanned constraints were placed on manpower resources at Barloworld Power when the group project manager, senior project manager, site assessor, two installation technicians, two commissioning technicians and two draughtsman were seconded to the Nampower project for periods of between four and five months. Pravesh immediately filled the void left by the group project manager and took over responsibility for managing the project and installation teams. He prioritised and scheduled work to minimise the impact on our existing clients, ensuring that no customer was left unattended and communicating regularly on the status of projects.
Willem Spoelstra Willem Spoelstra (top) Site manager, Rossing, Namibia
Raimund Kintscher CSR, After Sales, Rossing , Namibia Barloworld Equipment Namibia was awarded the tender to install gensets in the new Rossing Power Station. This involved the installation of six 3516 engines and generators, control panels and all wiring and piping for the engines. Willem and Raimund supervised and controlled the service teams on site and personally undertook the wiring and laying of cables (mostly over weekends) to ensure a high quality, professional job.
Ramon Glaus Ramon Glaus: Product manager, Atlas Copco drilling solutions, Mining
When Ramon joined Barloworld in 2007 we had fewer than 100 drill rigs in the field. We now have almost 200, 57 more on order, and we are the market leader for rotary blasthole drill rigs in southern Africa. Most notable are our success at Sishen and Khumani iron ore mines in SA, as well as Jwaneng Cut 8 in Bostwana, where we have collective orders for 24 Atlas Copco Pit Viper drills. Ramon is a valuable member of the mining team who can be counted on to complete complex tenders. He works closely with the parts and service teams and successfully motivated for the increase in components required for the drills operating out of Middelburg and Kuruman.
Richard Laubscher Richard Laubscher: Marine applications engineer, Cape Town
After adding value for many years in training, Richard joined the marine power team in Cape Town. From the offset his influence changed the team's mindset not only in facing problems but also celebrating success. With new vessels being built locally for international markets, a high level of testing is necessary to meet critical standards. Richard has truly stood up to these rigid requirements with great success acknowledged by both customers and industry inspectors. He has also recently managed two marine analyst courses, in addition driving the recertification process for current analysts within southern Africa. The deadlines were met through Richard's perseverance and passion.
Richard Roberts Richard Roberts: Senior warranty technician, Service Support Isando
Richard Roberts has entrenched himself as a key player in Central Warranty. He voluntarily takes on extra supervisory duties, has implemented the SER claims system and assumes full responsibility for claims and validations on the new Goodwill programme. Robert makes himself available to help any colleague at any time and constantly provides on-the-job training to maintain the highest standards of service. Not surprisingly, he often works after hours to achieve this work ethic.
Roger Veldman Roger Veldman: Project manager, SAP
Roger was responsible for implementing SAP in Mozambique, which was achieved ahead of schedule despite a host of frustrations including a major shortage of employees needed to ensure that SAP would run effectively. As a result of the extraordinary dedication of Roger and his team, with many personal sacrifices and working weekends in Maputo co-ordinating training and data "take on", the system went live on time and superb follow-up support ensured efficiency.
Samantha Allen Samantha Allen: Communication manager, HR
Samantha Allen exudes professionalism and energy no matter what project or task she is busy with. Whatever she does is of top quality and standard. She created a master-class event of the recent two day Human Resources conference for Project Sharp. Sam thinks of everything and keeps smiling and energising everyone around her. Nothing is too much trouble and the quality of the training files, handouts and slide presentations was world-class and inspired the Human Resources team to move forward with Project Sharp. Her creativity and hard work in getting our Vision 2015 across to our employees earlier in the year was also notable. Another reflection of her energy and professionalism was the slide presentation Samantha put together which illustrated everything that has been achieved in Communication during the past year. Samantha has moved Communication from something that was mundane and drab to exciting, inspiring and world class. She has extended the internal communication role beyond the corporate office requirements and has done many projects for line of business during the year. The feedback for every one of these projects was a score of 100%. This is no mean feat to achieve for a service delivery employee!
Stephen Wright Stephen Wright: Group risk manager
A year ago Barloworld Equipment incorporated safety as one of its core values. Unfortunately we experienced two fatalities this year – at the Jwaneng site in Botswana and on the Isando campus. Steve's role in handling the administration, dealing with the authorities, communicating with the affected families and ensuring that management was kept abreast of developments was exemplary. He carried out these responsibilities with composure and professionalism, taking the challenge head on. Steve has also played a key role in updating safety plans and awareness initiatives which are now being rolled out at Isando and assisting a team that has been visiting different sites to assess our adherence to safety standards.
Tanja Vermeulen Tanja Vermeulen: Credit controller, Power Boksburg
Since joining Barloworld Power in Boksburg in March last year, Tanja has lived all our values. Originally she was responsible for only one section of the EP Service debtors book but she is now handling the entire debtors book and doing an exceptional job, delivering results far beyond expectation. Tanja very quickly built a reputation for exceeding targets and she consistently handles every situation with a high degree of professionalism, going the extra mile to assist valued customers.
Toporo Mashilwane Toporo Mashilwane Service manager, Perkins Boksburg
Toporo continuously performs an exceptional job under extreme pressure. As a result of Toporo's leadership and passion, Perkins customers always feel that we are prepared to go the extra mile to meet their needs – no matter how pressured we are. He continues to grow and mature in his current position, leading by example and speaking up if he has a question or when he feels something has been handled incorrectly.
Victor Kgabung Victor Kgabung: CSR, Mining Botswana
Victor realised that one of our mining customers was having serious problems with cable reeler availability, inspiring him to convince the customer, through effective communication, to solve the problem by modifying a scrapped Cat 988B tyre handler into a cable reeler. The modification proved so successful that the customer went on to buy a new Cat 988H cable reeler, adding to Barloworld Equipment's machine population and cementing our long term relationship with the customer.
Willie Smit Willie Smit: Workshop manager, Service Middelburg
The old underground tank used for waste oil disposal at Barloworld Equipment Middelburg was becoming an embarrassment and, according to the SABS, an obstacle to re-accreditation of ISO 14001. So Willie came up with an innovative and practical solution, an above ground system that is totally compliant with ISO requirements. The new structure cost a quarter of the estimate for renovating the old system, enhanced our environmental compliance and helped retain ISO certification. Willie has certainly proved he is a real Smart Partner.

Enterprise Development

Barloworld Equipment's unique Enterprise Support Program is designed to accelerate the development, sustainability, financial and operational independence of identified black owned enterprises in the South African construction and mining sectors for mutual benefit.

The program can include discounts on Cat machines and support products, together with value adding assistance through preventative maintenance training, repayment holidays, help with working capital, operator training, business coaching, entrepreneurial management training, health and safety audit, ISO quality management consulting and provision of a customer service agreement covering equipment monitoring and support.

Barloworld Equipment's integrated solutions business model also provides opportunities for emerging contractors and junior miners to get on their feet. For example; contract miners with the necessary expertise often battle to obtain finance to buy capital equipment without an established revenue stream.

The Barloworld Equipment Cat Rental Store can provide structured rental, with intent to purchase packages. This enables emerging contractors to opt for rental agreements in the first instance and to buy their rented units as low hour used machines with warranties.

Financial packages can also be customised together with Cat Financial Services SA to assist enterprises that meet Barloworld Equipment's requirements.


Preferential Procurement

Barloworld Equipment has developed a Supplier Diversity Programme in collaboration with South African International Business Linkages. This aims to improve business management, marketing, production and good governance practices in relevant black enterprises, enabling them to link a successful and sustainable value chain.



Employment Equity & Skills Development

Employment equity is a critical aspect of sustainable transformation in Barloworld Equipment. We have made a significant investment in training for relevant individuals on the legislative requirements and planning for various departments. Skills development and accelerated development of previously disadvantaged individuals with potential are strong focus points in Barloworld Equipment’s drive to achieve employment equity.



Empowerment & Transformation

Barloworld Limited announced its broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) transaction in 2008. The transaction included shareholdings for employees, community service groups, an education trust and strategic black partners. This translated into an effective 29% empowerment of Barloworld’s South African operations.

The allocation of shares to South African employees has the important spin-off of improved staff retention and loyalty, with corresponding benefits for customers.

We are making steady progress on all elements of the Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE scorecard, with the emphasis not on a quick fix but on long term sustainability.


Sales and after sales certification

All of Barloworld Equipment’s sales, after sales and rental representatives are Caterpillar Certified Sales Professionals. This status is achieved through CAT University’s Sales or Rental Effectiveness Process. This is a web-based learning programme that is undertaken in different stages from foundational to expert level, ensuring that Barloworld’s sales team is proficient and professional.




Cat University’s Sales Effectiveness Process recently received accreditation from the European Federation of Management Development. After L’Oreal and Volkswagen, CAT University is the third corporate university to achieve this status.  

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