Barloworld Power continues to build its reputation in the petroleum (oil and gas) sector, most recently with contracts to overhaul Cat powered electric generation plants on two offshore deepwater drill rigs.

The order was placed by Seadrill, a leading offshore drilling company that operates 75 offshore drill rigs and drill ships in 15 countries. It includes seven top-end overhauls plus five complete engine overhauls on Seadrill's West Vencedor and West Setia rigs. These units are located off the Angolan coast, operating in 6 500 feet (1 981 metres) of water at a drilling depth of 30 000 feet (over 9 144 metres).

The overhauls involve Cat 3516B - 2000kVA generators that total 7.8MW power per rig.

The US$2,5m contract is significant in terms of parts procurement, logistics and mobilising skilled technicians. "Successful execution depends on a truly collaborative and international effort, which is the nature of doing business in this industry," says Gavin Knight, executive director, Barloworld Power.

The contract was negotiated by the Barloworld Global Petroleum team in Madrid with Seadrill's corporate office in Oslo, Norway, and its buying office in Dubai, UAE.

A team of skilled offshore artisans was assembled from Barloworld STET in Portugal and Barloworld Finanzauto in Spain, together with an artisan from Barloworld Angola, to do the work. Barloworld Angola, in turn, is supplying all parts for the repairs and logistical support.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-2013.