Barloworld warning about procument scams

Barloworld warning about procurement scams

Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd would like to issue an urgent warning about fraudulent procurement activity being carried out in the company’s name and that of its divisions.

Methods used

Supply of Equipment

  • The most common method being used is that a bogus Request for Quote (RFQ) is sent to companies by email on Barloworld stationery. The contact person in the bogus RFQ would supposedly be a “Procurement Officer” at Barloworld with contactable numbers that are false. An order is then placed and confirmed by this bogus “Procurement Officer” who arranges for the delivery of equipment to a specified address.

Request for Specialised Equipment

  • The method being used is to request a quote on very specific, unique equipment, purportedly for Barloworld. In most cases, the RFQ is accompanied by a document with the specifications of the product on which a quote is requested.
  • If searching on the internet for these products one is directed to the websites of the perpetrators.
  • Currently the perpetrators use three bogus websites namely MT Tool Supplies, Multiquip Suppliers and Novem Distributors. One should be vigilant as the names of these websites change from time to time. All of these companies are bogus, and part of the same syndicate.
  • After submitting the quotation to the bogus Barloworld contact, a fraudulent Purchase Order and Acceptance Letter is issued with a delivery date within a short period of time.
  • The victims are therefore forced to source these products from a specific supplier where they are then defrauded by paying for the product which is then never supplied/delivered.
  • If the victim becomes suspicious and demands more information, the perpetrators then avoid taking calls from the victim.


Contact Persons and email addresses

The following aliases are being used by the perpetrators on the RFQs:

  •          Mark Mdondo
  •          Eva Brand
  •          Mathew Ngubane
  •          Jonathan Zungu
  •          Molife Mukhumbuzi


The following email addresses are being used by the perpetrators:



These are not legitimate Barloworld email addresses and suppliers must be vigilant, because it is possible for fraudsters to spoof a correct Barloworld email address.

If in doubt suppliers should obtain authentic contact numbers from Barloworld’s websites to validate the RFQ’s received.

The relevant law enforcement authorities have been alerted to investigate these scams for the protection of legitimate businesses as well the integrity of Barloworld’s business activities.

Victims are urged to contact Barloworld’s Ethics Line on:

South Africa:

  •          FreeCall:     0800 003 248
  •          FreeFax:     0800 867 451
  •          SMS:            32840*
  •          Email: 
  •          FreePost:   KZN 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320



  •          +27 31 571 5633*


* (standard SMS and international call rates apply)