Powerful digging combined with smooth control: introducing the Cat 307E.

Establishing the benchmark for conventional tail swing excavators in the seven to eight tonne size class, the latest generation Cat 307E meets industry demand for a robust machine that is high on output and low on operating costs, particularly when it comes to diesel consumption.

The excavator weighs in at around 6 800 kg and comes equipped with the new Cat C2.6 DI Turbo engine, which generates a gross output of 43 kW.This power plant is matched with the machine’s load sensing hydraulic system to provide excellent digging performance and precise operation in any application, from fine grading and dozing to backfilling.

The 100 percent pilot controls deliver excellent machine control with fine modulation while eliminating the need for linkage and cable maintenance.

Stick and bucket digging forces are class leading at 37 kN and 50 kN, respectively; whilst maximum reach at ground level is 6 300 mm, with a digging depth to 4 100 mm and dump height to 5 150 mm. The standard bucket size is 0,31 m³.

Caterpillar’s Cat 307E can also be configured as a ‘front shovel’ by turning the bucket around for optimum flexibility. On-site tasks here include utility pipe services, backfilling along walls, and cleaning material from inside truck beds.

“Powerful bucket and stick digging forces, combined with fast cycle times, result in world class productivity and performance, making this an indispensible unit in any earthmoving fleet, especially where compact dimensions are a requirement,” says Barloworld Equipment product marketing manager, Desigen Naicker. (Barloworld Equipment is Caterpillar’s southern African dealer.) 

Standard features on units sold into the southern African market include air-conditioning; 2 speed travel mode; hydraulic lines for various Cat work tool attachments, such as hammers and augers; and a push blade with blade float function.Site clean-up and backfilling becomes easier as the operator does not have to adjust the blade height during travel.

Ease of maintenance access is another noteworthy design feature on the Cat 307E. Daily checks and regular service points – including fuel and hydraulic oil fill – are reached via the large steel rear door and two large side doors. The main hydraulic valve and lines are also quick to access through a removable floor plate and side panels.

On the move, travel is via the machine’s standard 450 mm triple grouser steel tracks, which provide optimum stability, particularly when lifting over the side in demolition and heavy duty applications. Each track is driven by one independent two-speed motor. (Drive modules are integrated into the roller frame for total protection.)

Low or High speed (at around 3,1 and 5 km/h, respectively) can be selected by a foot switch on the cab floor. This enables the operator to balance travel speed with the torque needed for turning and travelling on inclines.

“Caterpillar’s research and development team continue to raise the bar on mini excavators and the Cat 307E is a prime example of how advancements in key areas like hydraulics have revolutionised the return on investment owners can expect from a compact machine,” adds Naicker.

The Cat 307E is manufactured at Caterpillar’s Wujiang factory in China for worldwide distribution across all industrial sectors, from building and construction, to mining and agriculture.