Generators are like cars. You need to take your car for a service every 15 000km’s. Aeroplanes also need to be serviced regularly, but aeroplanes don’t measure distance travelled to determine when the service should be done. They rather use the number of hours the aeroplane has been operating. The key thing is that engines need to be serviced regularly.

A generator should be serviced every 300 to 500 hours. The problem with most generators in South Africa is that they are only there for backup situations when the power supply fails. So many generators don’t actually run 300 hours a year.

For people that don’t drive their car 15 000km’s a year, the dealerships recommend an annual service as a minimum regardless of how many kilometres you have done. The recommendation is the same for generators. As a minimum, generators should be serviced once a year whether they have done enough hours or not.

As with your car you can purchase a maintenance plan for peace of mind. Some people buy maintenance plans for their generators. At Barloworld Power we call this a Customer Service Agreement (CSA). CSA’s normally include a number of service inspections through the year and an annual service. Since generators don’t have wheels our mechanics (generator specialists) will come to you.

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