Coal reserves in South Africa are estimated at 30 billion tonnes, of which 47 percent are being mined underground.

Most of our energy needs are met by coal. Did you know that Coal Bed Methane is also a viable energy source?

What is Coal Bed Methane (CBM)?

CBM is methane gas extracted from the coal seam before and during mining operations.  South African coal deposits are relatively shallow with thick seams, which are easier to mine. Methane which is a hazardous mine gas, can be safely extracted for fuel and electricity production. After the gas has been treated it can be fed into Caterpillar Gas generator sets to produce electric and thermal power.

Why use CBM to generate electricity?

Currently only 2 percent of South Africa's energy demand is met by gas. CBM represents major opportunities to alleviate the current energy supply deficit. This can be through infrastructural and energy efficiency projects undertaken by coal mining companies or business opportunities by independent power producers (IPP'S).  Furthermore, by burning CBM in Cat generator sets, the harmful effects of this greenhouse gas are mitigated.  

To learn more about Coal Bed Methane and its benefits, join Barloworld Power for the ‘Coal Mine Gas for Power Generation' Event on the 15th April 2015, Sandton Johannesburg.

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