Beware: latest fraud scam – fraudulent recruitment schemes

There are currently a number of fraudulent recruitment schemes, using Barloworld Equipment’s name. They are currently running on Gumtree and social media.  

These fake adverts are trying to recruit individuals to apply for our Learnerships/Apprenticeship program asking to apply to a person who does not work for Barloworld Equipment.  

A legitimate Barloworld Equipment advert would never use such application form. 

Barloworld Equipment’s recruitment process does not include the use of personal cell phone numbers in any of its application forms of employment. A legitimate Barloworld Equipment advert is only published on our website, the official Barloworld Equipment LinkedIn page, a registered campaign or advertised in the local newspapers.

If you suspect any fraud, you are advised to alert Barloworld Equipment by sending an e-mail to  Mark your email “Fraudulent Recruitment” in the subject line.