S•O•S Laboratory

The Caterpillar S•O•S sm laboratory in Boksburg, undertakes wear analysis and interprets oil samples from machines in the field. The S•O•S programme is not a solution to machine problems, but a tool for detecting problems early. The S•O•S laboratory gives Barloworld Equipment customers access to the Global Caterpillar S•O•S network, including critical equipment management information such as wear tables indicating maximum allowable metal wear litims in the various Cat components.

S•O•S oil analysis is a cruicial part of machine managment. Oil sampling at scheduled intervals validates your maintenance procedures, tracks what is going on inside of the equipment and forecasts wear-related problems. Our S•O•S oil analysis programme is well recognised for its ability to detect potential failures before they occure.  Each S•O•S Services test is designed to reveal specific information about the condition of every Cat earthmoving product.

The four types of analysis are listed below

  • Wear Metal: Monitors and tracks metal wear particles, contaminants and oil additive package elements.
  • Oil Condition: compares used oil to new oil to see if its is providing adequate lubrication and protection.
  • Oil Cleanliness: determines if abrasive contaminants are causing accelerated wear.
  • Oil Contamination: detects water, glycol or fuel in oil.