Cat Classic Parts provide owners of older Cat equipment with low cost replacement parts that offer quality and convenience from the company you trust - Cat.

They are designed to complement the following:

  • Cat Original
  • Cat Reman
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Used Parts

Cat Classic Parts help you manage your owning and operating costs as the age and remaining value of your older Cat equipment creates the demand for a more economical repair option.


One-Stop Shopping

  • No more shopping around. The Cat dealership offers all the repair solutions needed.
  • Caterpillar provides customers with value priced repair alternatives over the entire product life cycle.
  • Cat Classic Parts
  • Cat Original Parts
  • Cat Reman Parts
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Used Parts

Lower Repair Costs

  • Provide value priced repair alternative for older equipment
  • Manage Owning and Operating Costs
  • Confidence that comes with the Cat name and dealer service.

Parts Provided by the OEM

  • Cat Classic Parts are designed by those that know your equipment best - the original equipment manufacturer - Caterpillar.
  • Why trust anyone besides the original equipment manufacturer to make decisions on how to effectively reduce costs from repair parts?
  • Cat Classic Parts eliminate the need for costly experimentation with aftermarket parts for your older Cat equipment.

Quality Controlled Parts

  • Caterpillar engineers approve Cat Classic Parts.
  • Ensures that the product will meet form, fit, and functional requirements.
  • Parts are all manufactured by Cat approved suppliers.
  • Utilize standard product quality assurance processes.
  • Quality checks are also performed by all Cat part stock locations to ensure that only the highest quality parts are being sent to customers.
  • Same quality control procedures applied to all other genuine Cat parts.

Standard CAT Parts Warranty

  • The Cat Classic Parts product line currently consists of over 2700 parts for more than 150 older Cat machine and engine models and the list is constantly growing.
  • All Classic parts are backed by the standard Caterpillar parts warranty.
  • Ultimately, the Cat brand provides peace of mind for the customer.
  • See your Cat Dealer to learn more about Cat Classic Parts.