966L Wheel Loader

966L Wheel Loader




  • Heavy-duty powershift transmission and axles handle extreme applications.
  • Improved hydraulic hose routing reduces potential hose wear.
  • Full flow hydraulic filtration system with additional loop filtration improves hydraulic system robustness and component life.


  • Engine power increased by approximately 10% improves machine performance and response (compared to H Series).
  • Lock-up clutch torque converter, combined with lock-to-lock shifting, delivers smooth shifts, fast acceleration and speed on grade.
  • High capacity torque converter results in greater digging efficiency.
  • Z-bar linkage provides high breakout force at ground level.

 Fuel Efficiency

  • Power dense ACERT engine burns less fuel by providing power and torque when needed.
  • Performance Series Buckets feature a longer floor that easily digs through the pile resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  • Load sensing hydraulics result in proportional flow for implement and steering on demand.


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