How Cat® Connect will help you to control costs & make more money

Grade Technology

  • Save fuel and component wear by getting to grade in fewer passes
  • Reduce or eliminate material overruns and grade stakes

Payload Technology

  • Reduce component wear, tire damage and haul road maintenance by eliminating overloading
  • Avoid overweight fines

Compact Technology

  • Cut fuel use, labour hours and component wear by achieving higher compaction quality in fewer passes
  • Identify problems that can lead to rework or raise material costs

Link Technology

  • Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn
  • Eliminate assets that aren’t earning their keep

Detect Technology

  • Lessen costs associated with lost time, lost production, equipment damage and unauthorised use

Productivity Services

  • Identify and eliminate waste site-wide
  • Spot opportunities to train operators and set up jobsites more efficiently

Equipment Management Services

  • Take advantage of third-party expertise to control costs related to asset use, maintenance and health

Safety services

  • Build a safety-first culture to minimise costly incidents resulting from fatigue and distraction
  • Avoid fines for unsafe conditions or practices