How Cat® Connect will help you to get more from every operator

Grade Technology

  • Help operators work faster and get to grade in fewer passes
  • Improve efficiency by up to 50% versus traditional methods

Compact Technology

  • Empower operators to do more accurate work, more quickly
  • Provide real-time feedback on production, passes and compaction targets

Payload Technology

  • Improve operator accuracy and efficiency
  • Monitor cycle times and production

Link Technology

  • Monitor operator performance to identify training opportunities
  • Compare individuals’ productivity and idle time numbers to motivate improvement

Detect Technology

  • Increase operator visibility and confidence in any jobsite conditions

Equipment Management Service

  • Get expert advice on using asset data to identify training opportunities

Safety Services

  • Make sure fatigue, distraction and other safety concerns aren’t keeping your operators from performing at peak levels

Productivity Services

  • Learn how to align resources to get top productivity from every operator
  • Monitor performance to continually optimise operator and site efficiency