How Cat® Connect will help you to work more safely

Detect Technology

  • Alert operators to people and objects in danger zones
  • Improve visibility in blind spots

Command Technology

  • Keep operators off the machine in hazardous work environments

Grade Technology

  • Reduce the number of people needed on the jobsite
  • Keep workers away from machines and traffic

Compact Technology

  • Limit the number of testing personnel required on the ground
  • Ensure the structural stability of the finished product

Payload Technology

  • Ease congestion by reducing truck time in the yard
  • Eliminate dangerous overloading

Link Technology

  • Know when unsafe actions occur, even when you’re not there
  • Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities

Safety Service

  • Identify fatigue and distraction risks and plan schedules to mitigate them
  • Uncover gaps between leader and worker safety perceptions

Equipment Management Service

  • Avoid safety incidents resulting from equipment or component failure

Productivity Services

  • Remove people from harm’s way when measuring productivity or mapping sites
  • Train operators to run equipment in the safest way possible