The Barloworld Equipment 360-degree app gives our customers the chance to experience an operational work site in person.

Filmed using the latest multi-directional audio visual technology, this video allows you to fly above and in between an array of Cat® machines while they are hard at work, an opportunity that has never been possible before.

When used in conjunction with Google Cardboard, this short video serves as a window, giving you a new perspective on a brand known for manufacturing machinery, supported by a dealer, that’s built to last.





This device is compatible with the following smartphones:

  • Samsung: Galaxy S4, S5 and Nexus
  • Apple: iPhone 6, 6s
  • Google: Nexus 4 and 5
  • Motorola: Moto X

Make sure that the smartphone is firmly secure in the cardboard. Due to the sense of motion we recommend that you remain seated. It is highly recommended that the app is downloaded via a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid incurring excessive data costs. Barloworld Equipment cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained while using this device. Please note that the experience may not be suitable for viewers with epilepsy or any similar conditions.