Our values are how we behave and interact with one another in all our daily activities. Being a member of the Barloworld Equipment family is about using our values to do our jobs well.

Our employees are our greatest asset and the key to our success – and yours. That’s the reason we make sure that they always feel:

  • Appreciated by treating them with respect, valuing the contribution they make to our customers, and using empathy, understanding and care to respond effectively to their needs.
  • Secure when they work for us, by seeking to understand their unique needs and helping them thrive and grow both personally and professionally.
  • That working for us is effortless by inspiring them to do their best and providing a rewarding culture which encourages them to strive for more.

As part of our world, we ask that they conduct themselves in accordance with our values. Values that drive our relationships with each other and with our customers, and that ultimately ensure our success.


The power of honesty.

Honesty and transparency are the standard at Barloworld Equipment. We accept nothing less. And we don’t expect you to either.


The power of intense focus.

We’ve made it our lifelong commitment to ensure that we deliver excellence in every aspect of our business. You’ll experience it in the passion of our staff, the way we work with you, our safety standards, and everything else we do.


The power of working together.

As a team, we’re committed to respecting and supporting our fellow team members, to working together to ensure your success, to communicating effectively with everyone we encounter, and above all, to upholding the highest safety standards.


The power of responsibility.

We act in the best interests of our customers. Every single day. We make it our business to learn everything we can about our brands, because knowledge breeds passion and passion is what defines us. We’re committed to professionalism in everything we do and say, and to ensuring that safety is a top priority. Every minute of every day.


The power of endurance.

As the sole dealer for Cat® earthmoving equipment, it should come as no surprise that safety is our number one priority and that a culture of safety permeates every aspect and area of our business.