Cat Connect


Invest in the technology you need to build a business that lasts. Discover data-driven performance with Cat CONNECT, a suite of technological solutions for any industry, or Cat MineStar, our cutting-edge packages designed to help you manage your mining operation


Using technology as a business tool

Cat Connect is a range of service packages powered by real-time machine data and innovative technology.

We have grouped the latest technology into product capability sets created to help you improve a certain part of your operation. The four pillars of Cat Connect can be selected as single solutions or grouped together according to your budget and requirements.

Please contact us for more information on these services or the technology that drives them.

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Challenge: How to increase production

  • To get more out of every asset
  • To hit targets every time and in less time
  • To move on to the next job faster

Challenge: How to control cost

  • Identify areas where costs are escalating
  • Eliminate wasted time, money, materials & effort
  • Drive down expenses

Challenge: How to improve operator performance

  • Address shortage of experienced operators
  • Get new employees up-to-speed, fast
  • Empower operators of any skill level to work quickly & accurately

Challenge:  How to run a safe operation     

  • Make sure your team & equipment get through every day safely
  • Be more vigilant about keeping people &
    assets out of harm’s way