What is the maximum angle that my machine can work at?

The maximum fore and aft grade in static condition on which any machine will maintain proper lubrication is 45º angle (100%). Consult Operation & Maintenance Manual for POWER TRAIN fluid level overfill requirements for operation on extreme slopes. Extreme slope operation is anytime the slope exceeds 25° (47%). The ENGINE should never be overfilled with oil. This may lead to rapid overheating. For extreme slope operation, engine oil should be maintained at the full mark. NOTE: Both ENGINE and POWER TRAIN fluid levels should be checked on level ground before working side hills and slopes.

Does my Excavator have certified ROPS (Roll over Protection Structure) cab fitted on it?

All Hydraulic Excavators brought into South Africa are only fitted with FOPS cabs, The boom serves to a great extend as a protection for the operator in the unlike event if a HEX would roll over. Future Excavators will all have i ROPS  (Integrated ROPS cab) as a standard feature. What is important in a lot of operations are FOGS (Falling objects guarding system) which is available in three levels. The front screen protection guard, the roof top protection guard and both guards a full FOGS.
All cabs and guard systems can only be certified by Caterpillar if purchased from Caterpillar

How much does this machine/part cost?

Please send us your contact details so we can get our sales team to contact you with pricing.

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Are there any vacancies available?

For any vacancy queries please fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you. To view the available job listings please visit our JOBS page and fill out the desired application form.


Does Barloworld offer machine operator training for individuals?

Operator training on Earth Moving Equipment is available to individuals at a cost of R 8000.00 per machine. Contact our Academy on 011 929 0608 for more information

How can I get a learnership or an apprenticeship to work with these machines?

Barloworld Equipment Technical Academy only offers a Heavy Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic apprenticeship and the duration of this apprenticeship is three years. The company gives around 200 students twice a year (January and July) the opportunity to join the apprenticeship. 

The minimum requirement to apply for the apprenticeship is a Matric, with maths and science passed or a N3 or NCV4 with maths. If you are interested in applying for the apprenticeship you can email or fax your CV to:

E-mail: BWELearningAcademyBD@barloworld-equipment.com

Fax: 086 570-7870

Barloworld will only respond to your application if it has been successfully selected for further testing. 

Successful applicants will be tested with a 5 hour aptitude test and an English comprehension test. If successful thereafter they will be given three practical tests to do and the shortlisted applicants will be granted an interview and a medical test.

Applicants will be selected based on the results of the above criteria.