Barloworld Equipment offers some of the best agricultural equipment available on the market, and farmers can depend on Barloworld to help them reach their bottom-line assist in improving their productivity, quality and reduced downtime.

Whether you’re in residential and non-residential buildings (commercial/institutional), infrastructure or industrial construction. Barloworld Equipment offers the best machinery/equipment to meet all your business requirements.

Barloworld Power is focused solely on services related to power from Generators, Mobile tower lights, Parts and Engines and always strives to meet all of its customers’ needs.. 

Barloworld Equipment offers Forestry machinery that best suits your plantation needs. Machines supplied by BWE can be used for the following: Road building, Millyard and Reforestation.

Barloworld Equipment offers a range of equipment to the government sector but mainly motor graders which are used for road construction and maintenance in rural communities.

The marine industry requires highly skilled resources. Our workforce includes a number of service technicians who have been trained and certified for Cat and MaK engines in marine applications.

Barloworld Equipment is constantly striving to provide customers with the best services possible - services that include the tracking of your machines day-to-day activities, idle hours, service/maintenance due date etc.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) forms part of the Industrial sector as it sells Barloworld Power engines to companies who then supplement the engine into their equipment (Mining equipment, Crushers etc).

Barloworld Equipment offers oil and gas solutions to customers seeking products that act as a cooling system and can withstand high temperatures, high dust conditions, as well as heavy-duty mining and construction conditions.

Barloworld Equipment’s machines, tools and attachments are tailored to give you the best paving experience whether using asphalt, concrete, and bituminous materials, including excellent repair options offers for any areas of repair.

If your core business is to store and deliver sand, rock and gravel etc. Barloworld Equipment has the right machines for your needs - even if you’re involved in quarrying and the manufacturing of the raw material.

Cat Connect offers customers real-time raw data that could best be described as machine equipment intelligence, which assists customers to make informed decisions which are vital in aiding you to reach your bottom-line.

Whatever your industrial needs, whether its recycling, demolition, landfill management or relocation stations, Barloworld Equipment offers tools and attachments that meet standards relative to this industry.