How Cat® Connect will increase production

Grade Technology

  • Work faster and get to grade in fewer passes
  • Improve efficiency by up to 50% versus traditional methods

Payload Technology

  • Move more material more accurately
  • Reduce cycle times by 10%, compared to loading systems with traditional scales

Compact Technology

  • Meet compaction specs in fewer passes
  • Know exactly when and where to work and when to move on

Command Technology

  • Work where and when other machines and operators cannot
  • Reduce shift change and travel times

Link Technology

  • Informs you where and how every machine is being used
  • Improves machine utilisation
  • Helps you bid and schedule projects more accurately

Productivity Services

  • Identify utilisation trends and productivity benchmarks
  • Optimise jobsite design and setup

Equipment Management Services

  • Understand peak performance benchmarks and keep every asset operating at those levels
  • Free-up internal resources for other tasks

Safety Services

  • Identify when fatigue may be jeopardising productivity
  • Align operator schedules with sleep patterns